Shakespeare Bags & Backpacks

Shakespeare accessories with a huge range of Shakespeare-related designs for the discerning Elizabethan living in the modern world.

All designs here are created by Australian actor, Sally McLean with her fellow Bard lovers in mind. These Shakespeare items are perfect for style-savvy humans who are always looking for something different.  Actors looking for rehearsal gear. Writers looking for inspiration. Historians wanting to broaden their wardrobe choices. Librarians looking for something for Shakespeare Week.  Whatever your bag, make your love of the Bard known to all with this stylish and attention-grabbing gear featuring these eye-catching designs, exclusive to The Shakespeare Shoppe.

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Current featured gear from our Shakespeare Accessories range

Elizabeth I Fan Portrait Tote Bag

This original rendering of Queen Elizabeth I, digitally restored and presented as a reproduction is perfect for all those lovers of history and the Elizabethan period in general.

It's all Shakespeare To Me (Dark Version) Tote Bag

Here’s a design that shows you just how relevant Shakespeare’s writing is to modern times with this collection of over 100 phrases from Shakespeare’s plays that we still use today!

Cry Havoc! Julius Caesar Shakespeare Quote Tote Bag

This quote from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar - “Cry “Havoc!” and let slip the dogs of war” - in a grunge style design is perfect for any fan of the Bard!

Elizabeth I King Woodcut Quote Tote Bag

“I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman but I have the heart and stomach of a king!” This Elizabeth I quote design from The Shakespeare Shoppe is perfect for everyone who is interested in history or England.

Shakespeare - it's an Elizabethan thing Tote Bag

This original modern rendering of William Shakespeare’s name using 16th Century type and Shakespeare Shoppe’s slogan is perfect for any Bard fan!

The Fault Is Not In Our Stars - Julius Caesar Quote Tote Bag

This quote presented in a whimsical scrapbook style design by Sally McLean is perfect inspiration for every creative.

Shakespeare's Cymbeline Worms Insult Tote Bag

This grunge rendering of this famous Shakespeare insult quote is available on a wide range of gifts for guys, gals and kids! Show your love of Shakespeare with this Bard-inspired design!

Black & White Shakespeare With Signature Tote Bag

This stylish depiction of Shakespeare, complete with his signature is perfect for all Bard fans and exclusive to the Shakespeare Shoppe.

Shakespeare Sonnet No. 30 (Light Version) Tote Bag

This simple modern rendering of Shakespeare’s Sonnet #30 is a stylish addition to the wardrobe of any fan of the Bard's!


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