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Celebrate: Twelfth Night! #Shakespeare #LoveTheBard

To celebrate Twelfth Night, here is a stylish design inspired by Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” featuring this famous quote using a carnivale/theater mask with flourishes for the person who is inspired by the classics. “Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em”. So what are […]

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Elizabeth I Coronation Tote Bag

Focus On: Elizabeth I Coronation Tote Bag

In this day of plastic bags going the way of the dodo, and not a moment too soon, it’s time to expand your stock of reusable bags for all your shopping needs. Expand your collection with this original rendering of Queen Elizabeth I, digitally restored and presented as a reproduction – perfect for all those […]

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Born 2B Bard Hoodie

Focus On: Born 2B Bard Pullover Hoodie

This fun design featuring a pop art rendering of of Shakespeare with the wording “Born 2B Bard” is perfect for anyone who loves the Bard, but doesn’t take themselves too seriously! Also available on t-shirts! And bags! And mugs! Get yours now! Available on hoodies, t-shirts & more!

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Toxic People Need Not Apply #Shakespeare #Insults #Tshirt

“I do desire we may be better strangers” – the perfect put down from Shakespeare’s As You Like It. This grunge rendering of this famous Shakespeare insult is an excellent way to make your point and give people pause! Show your love of Shakespeare and need to be left alone with this Bard-inspired design!

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Julius Caesar Stars Quote Women's Shakespeare T-shirt

Focus On: Julius Caesar Stars Quote Women’s T-shirt

We have a new design to share! To celebrate the new year and the inspiration that brings, we proudly present our “Julius Caesar Stars Quote” Shakespeare t-shirt design. Featuring the quote “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”, this design is presented in a whimsical scrapbook […]

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It's all Shakespeare To Me Women's T-shirt

New Year, New Products, New Website! Welcome to The Shakespeare Shoppe 3.0! #shakespeare #tshirts #gifts

Welcome to the new-look Shakespeare Shoppe for 2019 and a new Shakespeare t-shirt design to go with it! Yes, we know we’re a day early, and we’re still moving into this new virtual home, but as the store is run by an Aries, we like everything to happen yesterday, so why fight it? Even though […]

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